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Seven Steps to Use in Qualifying a Product for NAFTA

  • Determine the tariff classification number (Schedule B Number) of the finished product(s). This number can be found at
  • Check the duty rate for the product being shipped to Canada or Mexico. If the duty rate for "Most Favored Nations" is zero, a NAFTA certificate is not necessary. If there is a duty and the product qualifies for NAFTA, the customer can receive preferential duty rates on the product. Duty rates can be found by calling the U.S. Trade Information Center at 1-800-USATRADE (please have the first six digits of the Schedule B Number ready.
  • Determine the NAFTA rule of origin that applies to the finished product. The rule of origin can be found at
  • Prepare a list of components and materials used to produce the finished product.
  • Determine which of the components or materials used to produce the finished product are originating and which are NON-ORIGINATING.
  • Deterimine the tariff classification of all NON-ORIGINATING components or materials.
  • Apply the rules of origin and determine whether the change in tariff classification occurs and/or whether the regional value content is met for NON-ORIGINATING components or materials.